Pourquoi Tableau 10 sera une version vraiment majeure! Acte I

Tableau 9.3 est à peine arrivé que la version 10 est déjà en beta test... La beta 1 est en effet sorti il y a à peine une semaine. Cette nouvelle mouture de Tableau a vraiment des atouts intéressants. Pour le moment seules quelques évolutions sont disponibles, en attendant les prochaines itérations de la beta, mais ce que nous avons pu tester nous a vraiment séduit.


Enjoy your meal!

April is the #FoodTipsMonth and time for the first IronViz (about food of course).for IronViz on Tableau Public. So I decided to do a small vizualisation about food. Moreover, one of the datasources for IronViz contest is Open Food Facts.


Network Chart

Everything is linked...

I was working for a customer since December on a really big project. During development, they ask me to show training journey with an original chart (they had a prototype but it was not really understandable). They also saw several charts really interesting among which Network one. That is why I try to do it!