This is America !!

IronViz - Part 2: Contest and Viz

This second post is here to relate you my IronViz in Seattle. Already one month and I can tell this was a dream !! Indeed, 3 weeks before the #DATA14, I would not able to predict this journey. That was an unbelievable adventure. For me and my wife (she accepts to be with me in a conference linked to my job !) it was my first time to the United States of America !! And it was amazing ! Each person I met in Seattle was gentle and lovely. I can espacially thank Tara Walker, Jewel Loree and Ross Perez from Tableau Software, and Jeffrey Shaffer and John Mathis my contestants for their welcome. They were very gentle with me in spite of the language !


This is #DATA14

IronViz Contest - Part 1: Qualification

Here is my first blog post about Tableau Software, my job tool. This blog will try yo present and explain my work with Tableau Desktop with customers and Tableau Public with Open Data. I will try to give some tips about Tableau and to explain some tricky vizzes.
This first blog post comes after #DATA14, the Tableau Conference which took place in Seattle a month ago. I had a chance to be a part of this story thanks to my qualification for the IronViz contest. This post will try to give an answer at this question: how did I win the Storytelling Viz Contest ? I am going to explain my viz (Les Accidents de la route en 2012).