About this blog

Welcome to my blog!

This blog will try to present and explain my work with Tableau Desktop with customers and Tableau Public with Open Data. I will try to give some tips about Tableau and to explain some tricky vizzes.
As a data analyst, I am working every day with Tableau. Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool and a data visualisation software. The aim of Tableau's using is to provide graphical analysis based on datas. "Pictures better than thousand words", that is an important credo! All the posts in this blog will try to give you visualisations examples, tricks about technical stuffs and maybe best practices.
And of course, I will try to write my best english ! But don't hesitate to tell me if there is somthing wrong ! I will be glad to learn a better english ! =)
Please comment and share as far as you want !! And, of course, enjoy !