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French Presidential election in 2012

This month, Tableau Public launch the Hacker Month which promote out of the ordinary vizzes. I chose to remake an old viz I have done 3 years ago about the Presidential election. This viz was created during the "inter-rounds weeks" and the aim was to simulate the final result: who will be the next president ?!

The main trick is about parameters. Indeed, I used parameters to allow users to simulate final result in function of the transfer of votes between candidates. Users can type a value from 0 to 100 and give a little part to abstention. This trick is used to calculate the result for France and for each county. The parameters was inserted in calculations to provide a percentage corresponding to the candidate's result. Here is an example of the calculation:

(([% Voix/Exp HOLLANDE]+[% Voix/Exp BAYROU]*([BAYROU pour HOLLANDE]/100)+
[% Voix/Exp LE PEN]*([LE PEN pour HOLLANDE]/100)+[% Voix/Exp ARTHAUD]+
[% Voix/Exp JOLY]+[% Voix/Exp MÉLENCHON]+[% Voix/Exp POUTOU])


([% Voix/Exp SARKOZY]+[% Voix/Exp BAYROU]*([BAYROU pour SARKOZY]/100)+
[% Voix/Exp LE PEN]*([LE PEN pour SARKOZY]/100)+[% Voix/Exp CHEMINADE]+
[% Voix/Exp DUPONT-AIGNAN]+[% Voix/Exp HOLLANDE]+[% Voix/Exp BAYROU]*([BAYROU pour HOLLANDE]/100)+
[% Voix/Exp LE PEN]*([LE PEN pour HOLLANDE]/100)+[% Voix/Exp ARTHAUD]+
[% Voix/Exp JOLY]+[% Voix/Exp MÉLENCHON]+[% Voix/Exp POUTOU]))*100

The first part of the calculation is the percentage for the left side candidate and the second part is the total. This calculation gives me a percentage used in a bar chart. The same method was used to create the map (the difference is that I chose voices quantity instead of percentage).
Moreover, I tried to create a map wich shows an overview of french counties in function of the political side. This map was different compared to the press. Indeed, this was not a map in function of political party and it tried to show a different view of french counties. For instance, it is not because a county chose UMP (right side) that the global trend is right side and vice-versa!

The last trick I used was to show bar charts in tooltips. This trick is really great because it allow users to know the distibution for each county. To do this a method is existing using special characters and formulas. Here is an example of calculation:

Left("██████████████████████████████████████████████████",ROUND([% Gauche carte 2nd tour]/2))

This calculation could be set in the tooltip to create a bar. In this case, the measure is relative (percentage) and divided by 2 because I used 50 special characters (and no 100 one). The result is a bar chart in the tooltip that we can customize (color, font...).

The last trick I used 3 years ago was a custom geocoding. Indeed, in 2012 counties for France was not available in Tableau Desktop. That is why I created a dataset allowing me to draw counties. If I had to remake it now, I think I will build the dataset in another way to make it easier to use.

Don't hesitate to leave a message or a note about this work.

Source: InsideAirbnb - Get the data
Thank you for the reading!


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