IronViz Wiki Contest entry - The Eiffel Tower

History of the Eiffel Tower

IronViz time is here! This post is about my entry for the Wiki Contest. I have to admit that it was difficult to find a topic. First, I told me that it was too difficult to find a good and interesting topic with enough data and enough time to prepare these data... but in fact I found a topic yesterday evening during the Tableau User Group in Paris. During a conversation with co-leaders, they told me that we have to tell everybody : "French people do Tableau too !" That is why I choose to do a viz about The Eiffel Tower. I think it is a great construction and a great symbol for France!

You can find the viz just below. I tried to tell a story with the data of Wikipedia. I tried to present information about visitors, about the construction and the replicas. I put the sources just after the viz.

This post will be updated soon with more information about the method and the data.

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